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10、油层近井地带存在堵塞,污染的油井,如冲砂、洗井造成 污染导致产量突然下降的油井;



项 目 指 标
机械解堵采油器总长 2100mm
机械解堵采油器上接头扣型 21/2″平式油管扣
钢体最大外径 D:113mm
弹性变径活塞最大外径 D:124.5mm
弹性变径活塞最小外径 D:105mm

适用套管规格 外径:139.7mm


Mechanical Removing Oil Collector
I. Scope of Application (安装范围)
    The Collector removes the blockage existing in the oil storage layers at the immediate vicinity of the wellbore so as to increase the oil output. So it is the key point for success to select suitable wells where the collector is installed on the basis of available geological data. The wells with the following conditions are eligible:
1.The oil well involved in clogging due to various technical and technological measures.
2.The oil well involved in damaging clogging due to various additives and working fluids.
3.The oil well involved in emulsification clogging and inorganic salt clogging formed from the changes due to the thermodynamic conditions such as temperature, pressure, PH value and degree of mineralization in the nearby area of the well.
4.The oil well involved in organic matter clogging formed by macromolecule heavy constituents separated out from the well.
5.The oil well that is normal at the early stage and then pumps at intervals later on.
6.The oil well that has fluid lock effect and large seepage resistance in the near well-bore area.
7.The oil well located in an area where the physical property of oil layers is comparatively good, but there exists static-dynamic unconformity during production.
8.The oil well located in an area where the oil layer surface is damaged and the pressure loss in the vicinity of the well-bore is comparatively large.
9.The oil well that holds enough energy available, but the output of which decreases greatly or the output of the adjacent well is higher than its output.
10.Clogged or polluted oil wells located in the oil layers in the vicinity of the well, or oil wells with output decreasing suddenly due to pollution caused by sand, washing and well flushing, etc.
II. Working Principle
    When the pumping unit does an upward stroke, the weight of the liquid column inside of the oil pipe is transferred onto the pumping rod; the oil pipe moves upwards due to the elastic shrinkage, driving the mechanical removing oil collector upward. Then, when the collector impacts against the slide bushing, vibration is created, being transferred into the stratum. At the same time, the positive-direction one-way valve closes and the adjustable piston assembly blocks the oil casing circular oil channel, making the space under the valve assume negative pressure, which acts as a powerful pumping force on the stratum.
    When the oil pumping unit does a downward stroke, the load of the liquid column inside the oil all acts on the oil pipe, which moves downwards due to its elastic extension, driving the collector downward. Then, when the collector impacts against the slide bushing, vibration is created, being transferred into the stratum. At the same time, the negative-direction one-way valve closes partially and the adjustable post on assembly still blocks the oil casing circular oil channel, making the space under the negative-direction one-way valve assume a high pressure, which acts as a back blast against the oil channel in stratum.
    The mechanical removing oil collector imposes a frequent alternating pumping-pressing force on the stratum by means of periodic up and down movements due to the oil pipe column’s periodic elastic transformation. Liquid drops and jam particles in the oil stratum, subject to the vibration generated due to the frequent pumping-pressing action, are forced to break away from their original positions. Ultimately, the liquid drops not prone to flowing begin to flow and the jam particles adhering to oil channels break away, thus fulfilling oil channel dredged and the aim to increase the crude oil yield. III. Main Technical Date
Overall length:2100mm Buckle Type of the two ends:2 1/2″Flat Max. Diameter of elastic reducing piston:124.5mm Min. Diameter of elastic reducing piston :105mm Specification of applicable casing pipe: External Diameter:139.7mm Wall thickness:7.72mm Internal Diameter:124.26mm
IV. Precautions:
1.During the process of lowering the pipes, smooth and steady handling is required so that the vibrating reeds are not bumped.
2.The best installation position of the collector is in the middle part of the oil layer so that the energy it generates can be transmitted into the oil layer with the best efficiency. If it can not be installed in the middle of the oil layer, make sure to install it on the upper part of the oil layer with error as less as possible.
3.The distance of the collector to the artificial bottom of the well should not be less than 80 meter.
4.The collector can no be used at the same time with the tubing anchor.
5.Seriously deformed casing pipes can not be used.




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